Wine of the Week: Flat Rock Pinot Noir 2020

I randomly picked up the Flat Rock Pinot Noir 2020 on a weekend trip to the LCBO. I was looking for a Pinot Noir for my dinner that night and was immediately attracted to this bottle! The Flat Rock Pinot Noir comes from Flat Rock Cellars located on the Twenty Mile Bench in the Niagara Ontario region. The beautiful new labels are inspired by Flat Rock’s 80 acres of unique terroir. The designs are rock formations of limestone samples from their vineyards! The wine itself also speaks to the uniqueness of the Flat Rock soil. The Flat Rock Pinot Noir 2020 is a beautifully structured, complex and elegant red wine. It’s medium-bodied and on the bold side for a Pinot Noir with flavours of red berries and herbs. I paired this wine with a mushroom lasagna and it was perfection! It will also pair really nicely with rack of lamb, grilled salmon and roasted chicken. Perfect for all the upcoming spring holiday meals! You can find the Flat Rock Pinot Noir 2020 at the LCBO for $22.95, or through the winery’s online shop.



Wine of the Week: JP Azeitão Syrah Rosé Bacalhoa

The JP Azeitão Syrah Rosé is hands down the BEST budget friendly rosé! I’ve loved this wine for years and am so happy it’s now almost always available at the LCBO. The JP Rosé comes for Portugal and is made with Syrah grapes. It’s a light-bodied dry wine with pretty flavours of red berries. And the best part? It’s amazing value at only $9.45 a bottle! Great taste and value make the JP Rosé perfect for parties and get togethers – it’s always a crowd pleaser! Enjoy the JP Rosé on it’s own (I often do!) or try pairing with foods like spring salads, roasted chicken and seafood linguini. Pick up a few bottle online or at your local LCBO store.


Wine of the Week: Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé 

While the fall season is my favourite, I’m not giving up on summer just yet! I think that summer 2021 deserves one last celebration. And there is no better way to celebrate than with a bottle of pink bubbly! I tried the Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé last month and it is the perfect wine to cheers farewell to summer. It’s bursting with big bubbles filled with juicy flavours of cherry, raspberry and strawberry. This wine is made using the charmed method from 100% VQA Ontario grapes from the beautiful lakefront Konzelmann vineyards. The Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé is the prettiest pink salmon colour and, trust me, is super easy drinking! Enjoy outside in the sun with friends alongside your favourite summer appetizers. You can find the Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé through the Konzelmann online store on sale right now for only $17.95. If you happen to order a few bottles, this wine can also be enjoyed well into autumn. But for now, lets pop a bottle of the Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé and toast to the summer season!

Konzelmann Sparkling Rose Wine VQA Ontario Niagara Review


Wine of the Week: Malivoire Bisous Rosé

It’s officially summer time! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a bottle of local pink bubbles. I recently tried the Malivoire Bisous Rosé and it is so perfect for the summer season! Located on the Beamsville Bench in the Niagara Ontario Peninsula, Malivoire Vineyards is known for it’s sustainable and eco-centric approach to wine growing…as well as delicious Rosé wines. The Malivoire Bisous Rosé is a sparkling wine made in the traditional method from handpicked, estate-grown Pinot Noir grapes. It has big bright flavours of raspberry, strawberry and green apples. I enjoyed the Malivoire Bisous Rosé as an aperitif with sea salt chips and it was the perfect pairing! But it would also be really nice with fish tacos, chicken and veg skewers or creamy asparagus risotto. A very versatile wine for all your summer celebrations! You can purchase the Malivoire Bisous Rosé for $29.95 though the winery’s online shop. If you’d like to add on some additional Malivoire wines, I suggest the Vivant Rosé, Rosé Moira and Lady Bug. All the most perfectly pink wines for the summer season!

Malivoire Bisous Sparkling Rose Wine Ontario VQA


Wine of the Week: Redtail 2018 Sparkling Riesling

I don’t know what took me so long to try this popular sparkling wine, but I’m so glad I finally did! The Redtail 1028 Sparkling Riesling is a beautiful example of Ontario bubbly. Made in the Charmat method, the Redtail Sparkling Riesling has lots of depth, complexity and a lovely lingering mousse. You’ll find bright flavours of yellow apple and lemon meringue pie with a clean finish. I paired this wine with baked mac and cheese, but it can certainly be enjoyed on it’s own as an aperitif or with a weekend brunch. The Redtail Sparkling Riesling is on sale right now for $17.00 through the winery’s online shop. And trust me, after one sip of the Redtail Sparkling Riesling, you are going to want to stock up!

Redtail Vineyards 2018 Sparkling Riesling Wine Ontario Review


Wine of the Week: Era Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC Organic

The Era Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC Organic is one of my favourite budget friendly red wines. This Italian red wine is priced low, tastes great, pairs well with a variety of foods and is organic – a really good value wine! The Era Montepulciano is medium-bodied and dry with flavours of plum, cherry and herb. I love pairing the Era Montepulciano with beef Bolognese but it will also pair perfectly with stuffed peppers, pizza and eggplant lasagna. You can find the Era Montepulciano at the LCBO for only $9.95. As it is mine, the Era Montepulciano is likely to become your new go-to budget friendly Italian red wine!

Era Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC Organic Italian Red Wine


Wine of the Week: Traynor Ophelia Piquette ’20

I have another delicious low-alcohol wine for you! The 2020 Traynor Ophelia Piquette is only 7.2% alcohol, but packed with juicy flavour. Piquette is a low-alcohol wine made from grape pomace (left over grape skins, seeds and stems) and usually has a touch a fizz. It was traditionally enjoyed by French farmhands and vineyard workers, but has had quite the resurgence in popularity over the past few years! 2020 was the second year that Traynor Vineyard, in Prince Edward County, produced their Ophelia Piquette. This time around they added local apple cider, instead of water, and reduced the amount of sugar/acid added so that the wine is more concentrated. Traynor also used more red wine grapes, which gives the 2020 Ophelia Piquette it’s vibrant deep pink colour. Upon first sip of the Ophelia Piquette I knew it was going to become part of my regular wine rotation! This easy-drinking wine has bright flavours of raspberry, grapefruit and watermelon with a touch of funky earthiness. Order the Ophelia Piquette ’20 for $20.00 through the Traynor online wine shop.

Traynor Ophelia Piquette 2020 Ontario Wine


Wine of the Week: Huff 2019 Getaway Rosé

This time of year I’m usually lounging on a beach somewhere warm. But I think it’s safe to say that no one will be vacationing this winter. So lets bring the getaway to us! Throw your feet up, pump the heat, put on some relaxing music and grab a bottle of the Huff Getaway Rosé. Take a sip and be whisked away to your favourite warm getaway destination. I will personally be taking myself back to Rosé filled beach days in Jamaica! The Huff Getaway Rosé is the perfect wine to enjoy with a deep breath and relaxation. This VQA Ontario Rosé is very easy-drinking with tart flavours of strawberry, raspberry and cranberry. It’s high acidity makes it so easy to pair with all your favourite vacation foods like grilled seafood, tacos and charcuterie boards. The Huff Getaway Rosé is available through the winery’s online store or the LCBO for $20.00.

2019 Huff Getaway Rose Wine Ontario VQA


Wine of the Week: XOXO Light Pinot Grigio

Love wine but want to lower your alcohol intake a bit this year? Yep, me too! Lower alcohol wine, like the XOXO Light Pinot Grigio, is an easy and enjoyable way to accomplish this goal. The XOXO Light Pinot Grigio is only 8% alcohol, but still has all the delicious flavours! This medium-bodied dry wine has ripe flavours of peach, apple and banana with a hint of honey glazed nuts. Because of the slight touch of sweetness in the XOXO Light Pinot Grigio, it will pair really well with any of your favourite spicy dishes like red curry chicken, Cajun shrimp pasta or jackfruit jerk tacos. I will also be enjoying the XOXO Light Pinot Grigio as a wine spritzer with some sparkling water and sliced citrus. The XOXO Light Pinot Grigio is currently on sale at the LCBO for $10.95 (until January 31st), and also available at The Wine Shop for $12.09. Enjoy drinking less this year with the XOXO Light Pinot Grigio! They also have a Rosé I cannot wait to try!

XOXO Light Pinot Grigio Low Alcohol White Wine Review


Wine of the Week: Redtail County Crush

Let’s start 2021 off with the fun new wine from Redtail Vineyards, the County Crush! Made with a blend of Hubbs Creek field fruit, this wine is made naturally with nothing added or taken away. The County Crush may be tiny but it packs a big punch of juicy flavours like raspberry, strawberry and cherry. And don’t let that candied pink colour fool you, the County Crush is extra dry with a crisp light fizziness. It comes in a totally crushable (and fun!) tiny bottle that I recommend enjoying on a winter walk, around the campfire or in the hot tub. The County Crush is already 50% sold out, so get your hands on some bottles soon! You can purchase for $8 a bottle, or $96 for a 12-pack, through the Redtail bottle shop or online store. It’s also available at several restaurant bottle shops in PEC, Ottawa and Toronto. Here’s a full list of retailers where you can find the County Crush!

Prince Edward CountyBermuda, The Brake Room, The County Emporium, The Lark, and Stella’s Eatery.

Toronto Boxcar Social, Happy Coffee and Wine, and GDL Brasserie.

OttawaCantina GIA, Corner Peach, Dominion City, Gitanes Burger, North Market Almonte, and Red Apron.

CollingwoodLow Down Bar.

Redtail Vineyards County Crush Ontario Prince Edward County VQA Wine Review