Wine of the Week: Alvento 2019 South Wind Rosé

I abruptly stopped in my tracks at the LCBO when I first laid eyes on this beautiful wine bottle. How gorgeous is this fantasy goddess label?! The Alvento 2019 South Wind Rosé is one of four wines part of the Ontario winery’s WIND series. Each wine in the WIND series features a Wind Goddess to represent the cardinal directions and natural expressions of the wines. The South Wind Rosé is a medium-bodied dry wine with lots of juicy flavours. This Rosé is bursting with ripe flavours of strawberry, raspberry and cherry. Enjoy the South Wind Rosé chilled with summer salads, barbeque chicken or pork tenderloin. You can find the Alvento 2019 South Wind Rosé at the LCBO for $19.95. Or visit the Alvento Winery online shop to purchase all four of the WIND series wines. I will be running with the wind to get more of the delicious South Wind Rosé!

Alvento Winery Ontario South Wind Rose Wine Review VQA



Wine of the Week: Redtail 2018 Sparkling Riesling

I don’t know what took me so long to try this popular sparkling wine, but I’m so glad I finally did! The Redtail 1028 Sparkling Riesling is a beautiful example of Ontario bubbly. Made in the Charmat method, the Redtail Sparkling Riesling has lots of depth, complexity and a lovely lingering mousse. You’ll find bright flavours of yellow apple and lemon meringue pie with a clean finish. I paired this wine with baked mac and cheese, but it can certainly be enjoyed on it’s own as an aperitif or with a weekend brunch. The Redtail Sparkling Riesling is on sale right now for $17.00 through the winery’s online shop. And trust me, after one sip of the Redtail Sparkling Riesling, you are going to want to stock up!

Redtail Vineyards 2018 Sparkling Riesling Wine Ontario Review


Wine of the Week: Spade & Sparrows Rosé

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s line of wine, Spade & Sparrows, is finally available in Ontario! Of course I had to try the Rosé first and it was definitely worth the wait! The Spade & Sparrows Rosé is an extra-dry light-bodied wine that is very easy drinking. Made from California grapes, this Rosé has bright flavours of strawberry, nectarine and rose petals. I also have to mention the beautiful rose gold label and prettiest pink colour of the wine! The Spade & Sparrows Rosé can be enjoyed all on it’s own, but will pair perfectly with sushi, summer salads or seafood linguini. If you want to try this Rosé (and I highly recommend that you do!), get it while you can! You can find the Spade and Sparrows Rosé at the LCBO for $22.95, but it’s only available at a select few locations. And the bottles they have is it for the year. So stock up and get ready to Rosé the days away with the beautiful Spade and Sparrows!

Kaitlyn Bristowe Wine Spade and Sparrows Rose Review


Wine of the Week: Lamarca Prosecco

As Ontario enters into it’s third lockdown, I find it more important than ever to celebrate the everyday small things. And a little bubbly is the perfect way to do that! I am really loving the La Marca Prosecco right now. It’s fun bubbles, beautiful blue label and great price point make the La Marca Prosecco perfect for springtime sipping. Made from the Glera grape in the Prosecco region on Italy, the La Marca Prosecco has bright fruity and floral flavours. You’ll taste big bubbles of green apple, Bartlett pear and ripe peach. I think the La Marca Prosecco pairs perfectly with spring brunch but would also be a nice accompaniment to seafood, sushi and light cheeses. Or, all by itself on a Tuesday night! You can find the La Marca Prosecco at the LCBO for $17.70.

La Marca Prosecco DOC Sparkling Wine Bubbly Italian


5 Ontario Wines Perfect for Easter Weekend

We’re all likely having smaller Easter celebrations this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be festive! I’m going to be enjoying fish on Friday, rack of lamb on Saturday and ham for Sunday brunch. And, of course, all will be paired with delicious Ontario VQA wines! I’ve discovered some great “Easter” themed Ontario wines, with fun bunnies and blooms on the bottles. These 5 Ontario wines are absolutely perfect for Easter weekend!

The Hare Wine Company Jack Rabbit Red

The Hare Wine Co Jack Rabbit Red Wine Ontario VQA

Waupoos White Rabbit VQA

Waupoos Winery White Rabbit Wine VQA Ontario

Foreign Affair Sparkling Rosé 2019

Foreign Affair Winery Sparkling Rose Wine Ontario VQA

Pelee Island LOLA Pinot Grigio

Pelee Island Winery Lola Pinot Grigio white wine ontario vqa

The Grange Gamay Pinot ‘Bunny Wine’

Grange of Prince Edward Gamay Pinot Bunny Wine red ontario


Wine of the Week: Redtail 2020 Gamay Rosé

I am so excited for the Redtail 2020 Gamay Rosé! The 2019 Rosé was my favourite pink drink last year. As was it many others, because it sold out in record speed! The Redtail 2020 Gamay Rosé is just as delicious as last years vintage. This Ontario Rosé has big juicy flavours of strawberry, watermelon and maraschino cherry. Pair the Redtail 2020 Gamay Rosé with chicken tacos, shrimp vermicelli and spicy curry dishes. Or, as the winery suggests, enjoy this wine chilled at your favourite beach! Order the Gamay Rosé through the Redtail online wine shop for $17. And order now before it sells out again!

Redtail Vineyards 2020 Gamay Rosé Ontario VQA Wine Review


Wine of the Week: 2019 Inniskillin Niagara Estates Series Pinot Noir

I love drinking Pinot Noir in the early spring. Rainy days, the smell of wet earth and nature beginning to blossom match so well with a glass of Pinot Noir. The 2019 Inniskillin Niagara Estate Series Pinot Noir is one of my favourite spring sippers. This Ontario VQA wine is medium-bodied and dry with flavours of earthiness, black cherry and a hint of spice. The Inniskillin Pinot Noir pairs really well with mushroom dishes, roasted vegetables and cheeseboards. You can find the Inniskillin Pinot Noir at the winery online shop, the LCBO and the Wine Rack for a great value price of $15.95. It’s currently on sale at the Wine Rack for only $14.95. The Inniskillin Pinot Noir is the perfect wine to welcome in the start of spring this weekend!

2019 Niagara Estate Series Inniskillin Pinot Noir Review VQA Ontario Wine


Wine of the Week: Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé

The last week I’ve found myself really looking forward to spring. Fresh flowers, bright skies and pretty pastels….ah I can’t wait! While the weather may not be matching my sentiments, my beautiful friend Lola is giving me a taste of those springtime vibes. The Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé has the most elegant label, prettiest pink colour and sophisticated tastes. Made with Cabernet Franc grapes from the southernly Pelee Island, the Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé really reflects a springtime air. It’s a medium-bodied dry wine with crisp flavours and lovely balance. Take a sip of the  Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé and you’ll be transported to a warm spring day with it’s bright flavours of  field strawberries, wild flowers and fresh herbs. Perfect to pair with grilled shrimp, chicken souvlaki or salads. You can find the Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé in the LCBO VQA section for $15.95 or purchase directly through the winery’s online shop. Get a taste of spring with the lovely Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé!

Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rose Wine Review


Girl on a Budget: Sparkling Rosé Wine Under $15

The spring season brings lots of celebrations. And there’s no better way to celebrate than with a bottle of pink bubbly! But all the celebrating can add up for a girl on a budget. For that girl on a budget that loves her pink sparkling toasts, I have the wine list for you! Read on for nine of my favourite sparkling Rosé wines under $15. Keep the Rosé Partay going at all your celebrations this spring season!

Contraband Sparkling Rose Brut – $11.75

Contraband Sparkling Rose Brut VQA - girl on a budget

Yellowglen Pink Sparkling Rosé – $12.95

Yellowglen Pink Sparkling Wine - girl on a budget

Henkell Rose Piccolo Sparkling – $12.95

Henkell Rose Piccolo Sparkling WIne - girl on a budget

Cono Sur Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé – $13.95

Cono Sur Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé - girl on a budget

Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rosé Sparkling – $13.95

Jacob's Creek Moscato Rosé Sparkling - girl on a budget

Bottega Vino Dei Poeti Brut Rose – $14.95

Bottega Vino Dei Poeti Brut Rose - girl on a budget

Yellow Tail Bubbles Rosé – $14.95

Yellow Tail Bubbles Rosé - girl on a budget

Valdivieso Brut Sparkling Rosé – $14.95

Valdivieso Brut Sparkling Rosé - girl on a budget

Pelee Island Lola Blush Sparkling – $14.95

Lola Sparkling Rose Wine - girl on a budget





My Favourite Wines for Spring

Spring is in the air! While I drink all wines all year, there are a few specific wines that I crave during the spring season. These wines tend to be light-bodied with earthy and floral notes. From a rainy spring walk through the forest to a sunny May picnic in the garden, these types of wines all evoke a sense of springtime to me. Try one of my favourite wines for spring and get a taste of the new season!

Pinot Noir

I love Pinot Noirs that have all the earthy mushroom flavours! Especially during the early spring, this is probably the top kind of wine that I crave. I recently tried the Oak Bay Pinot Noir 2016 and it’s a great example of an earthy Pinot Noir. It’s made by the St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery in the north Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. The Oak Bay Pinot Noir is like a walk through a spring forest. You’ll find flavours of wet soil, mushroom and oak with a floral finish of rose and violet. It’s available in the LCBO vintages for $19.95.


A warm spring Sunday afternoon on the patio with a light cheese plate and chilled glass of Gewurztraminer….sounds perfect to me! Gewurztraminer originates from Germany but is now produced in other cool climate wine regions, like Ontario. It’s an aromatic white wine that is typically on the sweeter side because of the medium-low acidity levels. I especially love the LOLA Gewurztraminer for it’s floral flavours of rose, jasmine and honeysuckle! A glass is like beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers. Your can find the LOLA Gewurztraminer for $13.95 at the LCBO.


Ah, there’s nothing quite like a glass of Beaujolais in the spring. Beaujolais is a region in France that makes Gamay wine – a light bodied red. There are many different types of Beaujolais wines, based on the sub-region, but the type you want for spring is Fleurie. You can read in detail why I love Fleurie here.  Fleurie wines are very light in style and tend to have soft fruit flavours and lovely floral notes like rose, iris and violet. Basically like a picnic in a beautiful French garden! If you can find a bottle of Fleurie Beaujolais, grab it! Unfortunately, I can’t find any currently available at the LCBO.


When it comes to the end of spring, when the weather is warm and flowers are in full bloom, it’s Torrontés that I love to drink! From Argentina, Torrontés is a white wine made in a dry style with sweet floral aromas and bright fruit flavours. A chilled glass of Torrontés is like visiting a fresh local farmer’s market. In one of my favourites, the Susana Balbo Crios Torrontés, you’ll taste a bouquet of wonderful aromas and flavours – white flowers, peach, lemon, grapefruit, green apple, apricot, honeysuckle and lemon. Find the Crios Torrontés at the LCBO for only $14.95.

Sparkling Rosé

A spring wine list wouldn’t be complete without Rosé! With the spring season comes lots of celebrations and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a bottle of pink bubbly! As you probably know by now, I LOVE the Lily Sparkling Rosé all year round. But I especially love it for spring because of it’s delicate flavours and creamy textures that pair perfectly with springtime sweets. The Lily Sparkling Rosé is like an afternoon high tea celebration. High tea isn’t complete without a glass of pink bubbly, right?! The Lily Sparkling Rosé is widely available at LCBO locations for $17.95.