Girl on a Budget: 14 Ontario Wines Under $14

It’s more important than ever to support local wineries right now. With so many options here in Ontario, buying and drinking local wine is not difficult! But sometimes the price tag on local wines can be a bit too much for a girl on a budget. Trust me, I hear you! So I’ve compiled a list of my favourite 14 Ontario wines under $14.00. Shop local and stay on budget!


1. Sandbanks Rosé

2. Girls’ Night Out Rosé

3. Cave Spring Rosé

4. Colio Unwind Smooth Rosé


5. Peninsula Ridge Semi-Dry Riesling

6. Three Dog Winery White

7. Colchester Ridge Unoaked Chardonnay

8. Angels Gate Riesling

9. Frisky Beaver White


10. Pelee Island Merlot

11. Henry of Pelham House Wine Co. Red

12. Fielding Long Weekend Cabernet

13. Konzelmann Canada Red

14. Twenty Bees Baco Noir









Wine of the Week: Harwood North Beach Seahorse Rosé

North Beach Prince Edward County is truly a magical place! Turquoise waters, white sands and rolling green hills really make you feel like you’re on the ocean. It’s no wonder Harwood Estate Vineyards named their trio of Rosés after this beautiful beach. Their North Beach Seahorse Rosé is the wine of the week – a delightful Rosé made for summer days by the water! The Seahorse Rosé is fruity with a touch of sweetness, and balanced nicely with crisp acidity. You’ll taste juicy flavours of strawberry, peach and citrus. Enjoy the Seahorse Rosé with spicy dishes, barbequed meats or chilled all on it’s own. Harwood Estates Vineyard is actually located quite close to North Beach provincial park. If you’re in the County you can pick up a bottle at the winery for $17.95 and then head over to the North Beach to enjoy! The Harwood North Beach Seahorse Rosé can also be purchased through their online store. Cheers to magical summer days by the water!

Harwood Winery North Beach Rose Ontario Rose Review


Wine of the Week: Redtail Vineyards Gamay Rosé

I’ve got another Rosé for you this week! Because drinking pink does brighten these isolated days a bit. And this week’s wine could not be brighter! The Redtail Vineyards Gamay Rosé is a beautiful electric pink colour. It was just released by the winery a couple weeks ago and I could not wait to get my hands on a bottle! The electric pink opens up to big juicy flavours of candied watermelon, strawberry and cherry. It’s a dry style Rosé with lively acidity and clean finish. The winery suggests “serving it from a cooler packed with ice at your favourite secret beach” and I could not agree more! Enjoy the Redtail Gamay Rosé all spring/summer season on the balcony with barbeque dinners, pizza lunch or all by itself. You can find this wine on the Redtail Vineyards online shop on sale right now for $17.00. The winery is currently offering free Ontario shipping on $75+ purchases, or local pick-up and delivery options are available. Go ahead and brighten your day with some Gamay Rosé!


Redtail Vineyards Gamay Rose Ontario Wine Review


Wine of the Week: Karlo Estates Patio Reserve Rosé

A lot of us are craving warmer weather to get out on our balconies or patios. While those higher temps may not be here yet, we can all pretend with the Karlo Estates Patio Reserve Rosé! Pull up a chair to the window and enjoy a glass of this delicious patio sipper. Or, stock up now so you’re ready for that first nice day! The Karlo Estates Patio Reserve Rosé is a dry style wine made from Sémillon and Malbec grapes. It has lots of full red berry flavours with just a touch of sweetness. Super easy drinking! And that slight  sweetness allows this wine to pair perfectly with all of your favourite spicy foods. Enjoy the Patio Reserve Rosé with spicy foods like jerk chicken, curries or Cajun dishes. Get the Patio Reserve Rosé for $18.00 from the Karlo Estates online shop. The winery is offering free shipping in Ontario on 6+ bottle purchases. If you’re looking to add another wine to your order I’d recommend the Three Witches White ($20.00), Petite Pearl ($20.00) and the Lake on the Mountain Pinot Noir ($35.00).

Karlo Estates Patio Reserve Rose Ontario Wine


Wine of the Week: Three of Hearts Rosé

With Valentine’s being only a couple days away, I had to feature one of my favourite pretty pink wines! Rosés over roses, right? The way to my heart is definitely with a beautiful bottle of Rosé! If you’re the same, or know someone that is, you need to pick up a bottle of the Three of Hearts Rosé. The Three of Hearts Rosé is an Ontario wine by Speck Bros. It’s a beautiful blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris that will have you swooning! This is a light-bodied dry Rosé with elegant flavours of strawberry, grapefruit and melon. It will pair very nicely with white pizzas, seafood dishes or just all on it’s own! You can find the Three of Hearts Rosé in the VQA section at the LCBO for $19.95. Give your heart what it’s really craving this Valentine’s Day, a bottle of the Three of Hearts Rosé. Doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Three of Hearts Rose Ontario Wine Review Valentines Day


Wine of the Week: Lily Sparkling Rosé

When deciding what would be the first wine of the week in 2020, I thought, why not start off the year with something sparkly and pink! What better way to kick off the decade! So this week’s wine is on of my favourite Ontario pink bubblies, the Lily Sparkling Rosé. The Lily Sparkling Rosé is made by Colio Estate Winery located in Harrow Ontario, which is part of EPIC wine country (Lake Erie North Shore/Essex County). It is the prettiest pink colour with delicate bubbles and lovely mousse (foam that forms after pouring). But don’t let that pretty pink colour fool you, this is not a sweet wine! The Lily Sparkling Rosé is a dry bubbly made in the Charmat method from Riesling and Cabernet Franc grapes. The taste is best described as strawberry shortcake – cake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I love serving the Lily Sparkling Rosé as an aperitif or pairing with desserts. Pick up a bottle of the Lily Sparkling Rosé at the LCBO for $17.95. Cheers to a sparkly pink year ahead!

Lily Sparkling Rose Wine Review




Wine of the Week: Stratus Wildass Rosé 2018

Get wild this holiday season with the big, bright and flavourful Stratus Wildass Rosé! This wine will elevate any holiday party with it’s vibrant flavours and fun pink colour. But don’t let that deep pink tone fool you, this is a dry style Rosé. The Stratus Wildass Rosé has big flavours of strawberry, cherry, watermelon and hint of herbs. From Stratus Vineyard in Niagara, this wine is made from a blend of grapes in the world’s first fully LEED-certified winery. Environmentally friendly and delicious! You can find the Stratus Wildass Rosé in the LCBO’s Ontario VQA section for $18.95. Grab a bottle (or two!) and enjoy a festive evening with your most wildass friends!



Wine of the Week: Featherstone Joy Sparkling Rosé

The new Featherstone Joy Premium Cuvée Sparkling Rosé will certainly bring you some festive joy this holiday season! This Ontario pink bubbly was just released at the LCBO and can be found in the VQA vintages section for $29.95 – and on sale until January 5, 2020 for $27.95. Made in the traditional method, the Featherstone Cuvée Sparkling Rosé is made from 100% Ontario Pinot Noir grapes. It’s named after the winemaker’s mother, Joyce, and meant to reflect her charm, finesse and cheerful characteristics. And that it does! This pink bubbly is a dry sparkling wine with bright fun flavours of red current, strawberry and cherry. It finishes with a crisp acidity that makes the Featherstone Sparkling Rosé perfect for food pairing this holiday season. Serve as an aperitif, with the main meal or dessert! And, I have to add, can we acknowledge the beautiful grey ribbon?! Cheers to the Sparkling Joy of the holiday season!

Featherstone Winery Sparkling Rose Wine


Wine of the Week: EastDell Summer Rosé

Trust me when I tell you, the EastDell Summer Rosé is not just for Summer! The EastDell Rosé is actually the perfect pink party accessory this holiday season. It’s a mendium-dry wine with big fruity flavours of strawberry, cranberry and citrus. Don’t let the bold pink colour fool you – this wine has a crispy apple finish that balances it out so it’s not too sweet. The EastDell Rosé is going to pair perfectly with all the holiday party foods! From cheese and charcuterie boards to spicy chicken wings and sausage rolls. You can find the EastDell Rosé in the VQA Ontario section of the LCBO for $14.95. Bring the EastDell Rosé to your next holiday party for a garantueed good time!

EastDell Summer Rose WIne Review, Ontario Winery


Friday Favourites: Everything Rosé

I haven’t done a Friday Favourites in awhile, so I thought I’d start back with one of my favourite things…Rosé! From how to rosé all day to drinking pink on a budget, I have you covered for everything rosé in this Friday Favourites.

How to Rosé all Day

Sure, it sounds simple to Rosé all Day, so why would you need a ‘how to’? Well, not only do I typically want to pass out by 3pm, but it can also cost a lot of money and get boring drinking the same. thing. all. day. But not to worry, just follow my 6 steps on how to successfully Rosé all Day!

Rosé on a Budget

Speaking of Rosé‘ing all day…it can cost quite a bit of money! Thankfully, there are some budget friendly (and good) rosés available for those on a budget. These bottles are all under $11 and will definitely have you Rosé’ing all day! And if you want to make it a little more sparkly, visit this link for budget friendly sparkling rosés.

Rosé Cider

I’m not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed to learn that Rosé cider doesn’t actually have Rosé wine in it (the pink colour is from red apple skins, the same way Rosé wine pink colour is from red grape skins). But after tasting a bunch of Rosé ciders, I realized I’m still drinking pink and they’re delicious!

Rosé Sorbet

Step aside Frosé…it’s time for Rosé Sorbet! Seriously though, this frozen Rosé dessert is just has refreshing and delicious as Frosé. It’s also so much easier to make! Visit the link for my super easy Rosé Sorbet recipe. You will not be disappointed! AND, it always wins over a crowd!

Rosés for Fall

Everyone is trying to hang on to the last of summer…but I can’t help but count down the days to autumn! And while Rosé is often considered a summer wine, I’ve made the case before and I’ll make it again, Rosé is for all seasons! Like with all wines, there are types suited to certain season, and you can find my favourite fall Rosés here.