Wine of the Week: Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé 

While the fall season is my favourite, I’m not giving up on summer just yet! I think that summer 2021 deserves one last celebration. And there is no better way to celebrate than with a bottle of pink bubbly! I tried the Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé last month and it is the perfect wine to cheers farewell to summer. It’s bursting with big bubbles filled with juicy flavours of cherry, raspberry and strawberry. This wine is made using the charmed method from 100% VQA Ontario grapes from the beautiful lakefront Konzelmann vineyards. The Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé is the prettiest pink salmon colour and, trust me, is super easy drinking! Enjoy outside in the sun with friends alongside your favourite summer appetizers. You can find the Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé through the Konzelmann online store on sale right now for only $17.95. If you happen to order a few bottles, this wine can also be enjoyed well into autumn. But for now, lets pop a bottle of the Konzelmann Sparkling Rosé and toast to the summer season!

Konzelmann Sparkling Rose Wine VQA Ontario Niagara Review



Wine of the Week: EastDell Summer Rosé

Trust me when I tell you, the EastDell Summer Rosé is not just for Summer! The EastDell Rosé is actually the perfect pink party accessory this holiday season. It’s a mendium-dry wine with big fruity flavours of strawberry, cranberry and citrus. Don’t let the bold pink colour fool you – this wine has a crispy apple finish that balances it out so it’s not too sweet. The EastDell Rosé is going to pair perfectly with all the holiday party foods! From cheese and charcuterie boards to spicy chicken wings and sausage rolls. You can find the EastDell Rosé in the VQA Ontario section of the LCBO for $14.95. Bring the EastDell Rosé to your next holiday party for a garantueed good time!

EastDell Summer Rose WIne Review, Ontario Winery


Wine of the Week: Trius 2018 Rosé

The Trius 2018 Rosé tastes just has beautiful as it looks! The gorgeous rose gold leaf label caught my attention on Saturday, so I picked up a bottle to enjoy while I did my holiday decorating. I promptly went out the next day to get another few bottles! Made from Gamay Noir and Syrah grapes, the Trius Rosé is a dry wine with fresh fruity flavours. In this Ontario Rosé you’ll find notes of cranberry, pink grapefruit and touch of spice at the end. It will pair great with focaccia, crab cakes or light meats. Guests will love this wine over the holidays, or it would be a very pretty pink gift. Find it at the LCBO for $17.95.

Wine of the week trius 2018 rose ontario wine review



Wine of the Week: Sandbanks Rosé

I have been drinking the Sandbanks Rosé all summer like it’s water! The wine of the week, the Sandbanks Rosé, has been more like my wine of the summer. It really encapsulates the summer season to me – easy going, laid back and fun. The Sandbanks Rosé is dry with just a touch a sweetness that is balanced out nicely with a fresh acidity. You’ll taste rich flavours of tangerine, raspberry and pink grapefruit.  So refreshing! I’ve found that the Sandbanks Rosé pairs well with a variety of foods like summer salads, chicken kebobs and fish dishes. And if you find yourself drinking it all the time like me, it’s not going to break the bank at only $13.95 a bottle at the LCBO or winery store. Rosé the rest of the season with my summer water, the Sandbanks Rosé!

Sandbanks Rose


Wine of the Week: Malivoire Vivant Rosé

This week’s wine pick, the Malivoire Vivant Rosé, is all about living life in pink! Vivant means ‘alive’ and this wine is alive with everything we love about Rosé. Firstly, it is the prettiest pink colour! Made of Pinot Noir grapes, the Malivoire Vivant Rosé has lively pink flavours of strawberry, cranberry, pink grapefruit and a touch of lime. A medium bodied wine made in a dry style, the Malivoire Vivant will have you living life through Rosé coloured glasses! The 2018 vintage was just released at the LCBO for $19.95, or can be purchased through the wineries online shop. Live ‘la vie en rose’, life in pink, with the Malivoire Vivant Rosé.

Wine of the Week - Malivoire Vivant Rose - Ontario Wine


12 Days of Rosé: Pelee Island LOLA Blush

On the 5th Day of Rosé Girl Drinks Wine gives to you, the Pelee Isalnd LOLA Blush. This gently sparkling Rosé wine from Pelee Island Winery has become very popular over the past year! Everyone, including myself, love the pretty flavours of strawberry and orange, the slight bubbliness, and versatility with lots of foods. Made in the Charmat method using Vidal Blanc and Chambourcin grapes, the LOLA Blush is a crowd pleaser for all your holiday parties! And it’s on sale right now at the LCBO – regular $14.95 on sale for $12.95. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with LOLA!

LOLA Rose Wine


Wine of the Week: Apothic Rosé

Only two more days until Halloween, so I’m excited to share my last spooky wine pick of the season. The dark veiled label of the Apothic Rosé reveals a light pink wine with strawberry, watermelon and raspberry flavours. This is a light-bodied dry Rosé that is dangerously easy to drink! It was a limited release at the LCBO, so get a bottle before they disappear.

Apothic Rose


Girl on a Budget: Rosé Under $11

Summer time is amazing, but let’s be honest, it can get expensive! While I’d love to be sipping on Whispering Angel all season, sometimes a girl has to be on a budget. But if you’re a girl on a budget like me, that doesn’t  mean that you should have to miss out on rosé’ing all day this summer! I’ve listed for you my top 5 favourite rosés at the LCBO for under $11.00. And while not all wine under $11.00 is good, these rosés are tried (many times), tested and true! My top 5 rosés under $11.00  will keep a girl on a budget AND rosé’ing all day!

Astica Malbec Rosé  $8.90

The Astica Malbec Rosé is only $8.90 at the LCBO! From Argentina this pretty pale pink rosé is light bodied and dry. It has a lot of citrus and tart berry flavours that will appeal to those wine drinkers that like a very crisp and refreshing rosé. It’s certainly perfect for a hot summer day!

JP Azeitão Shiraz Rosé  9.25

If you follow me on Instagram, you know the JP Azeitao has been my go-to rosé this summer! And it’s not just me…as soon as the LCBO restocks it is quickly gone! The JP Azeitao is another pale pink rosé that’s light bodied and dry. What I love about this wine, is that the soft berry and floral flavours are balanced beautifully with a great acidic structure and crisp finish.

L’Orangeraie Rosé  $9.30

The L’Orangeraie Rosé is regular $10.80 at the LCBO, but is on sale right now for $9.30. So stock up! From the South of France, this wine is light bodied and extra dry. Notes of herb, bell pepper and floral are followed by tart cherry and citrus flavours. A classic example of a southern French Rosé, L’Orangeraie is sure to please any pink drink lover.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir Rosé $10.05

I’ve talked about the Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir Rosé before, because I really do enjoy it and think it’s great value! This Chilean wine is a medium-bodied dry style that’s bursting with bright flavours of strawberries, raspberries and cherries. It’s a great wine to pair with food. Enjoy this wine al fresco with sausage, grilled chicken or salmon.

Banrock Station Pink Moscato Rosé  $10.95 

If you like your rosé on the sweeter side, than the Banrock Station Moscato is for you! I typically enjoy a dry rosé, but this wine has a great acidity and some delicate bubbles that help to balance out the sweetness. Plus, it is the prettiest pale pink colour! For $10.95 at the LCBO the Banrock Station Moscato is perfect for a girl on a budget.


March Wine Faves

Wine Favourites

As I went through the wines I drank in March, I noticed just how much rosé I had been drinking. If you are ready for rosé season, than my March Wine Faves is the list for you! As spring nears, wine drinkers also tend to navigate more towards white wine, so I’ve included some great white wines from Ontario that are perfect for spring sipping. With the warmer weather also comes outdoor grilling and there’s nothing better than a big red wine paired with a barbequed burger. I have three reds on the March Wine Faves list that are each at different price points, but all delicious! Hope you enjoy my favourite wines from March.

  1. JP Azeitão Rosé – There were a lot of new rosés at the LCBO in March, and this was one of my favourites. Plus, can’t go wrong at the $8.90 price point!
  2. Fancy Farm Girl Frivolous White –  I had to try this wine when I found out it’s made by one of Canada’s leading winemakers, Sue-Ann Staff. This aromatic and flavourful wine is perfect for a fancy country picnic.
  3. Henkell Sparkling Rosé – Spring brings an increase in parties and Henkell’s 3-pack of mini sparkling wines are fun and convenient for byob. Stick in a cute straw and you’re set to party!
  4. Mouton Cadet Bordeaux – If you’re looking for a well priced, consistent Bourdeaux than this is your wine. For $15.95 you’re getting a nice French red wine.
  5. Crossbarn Cabernet – If you’re looking for a bottle to splurge on, than this is your wine. The Crossbarn Cabernet is a classic example of a big, bold and smooth California Cab that will not disappoint.
  6. Casillero Del Diablo Reserva Shiraz Rosé – This was another new rosé in at the LCBO last month and I LOVED it. Vibrant raspberry flavours are followed by soft florals and ending with a clean finish. I also love the beautiful bottle!
  7. Pelee Island Tailwind Gewurztraminer Riesling – I tend to think that Gewurztraminer is too sweet for my taste, but this wine really surprised me! It was bursting with exotic fruit flavours, and the slight soft sweetness was balanced out with good acidity.
  8. Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir Rosé – This Chilean wine is a big seller at the LCBO, and now I know why! Read my full review here, and learn why it’s one of my 5 spring must-haves for the wine lover.
  9. Cave Spring Rosé – I had been wanting to try this VQA wine for awhile and was not disappointed! Read about why I loved this rosé and what to pair it with in my post here.
  10. Southbrook Connect Organic White – If you’re looking to drink more organic wines you don’t have to look any further than Ontario! The Souhbrook Winery was the first wine estate in Canada to be both organic and biodynamic certified. Learn more about Southbrook and their Connect White here.
  11. De Chanceny Cremant de Loire Rose Brut – Spring is the season of celebrations, from wedding showers to graduations to birthdays. This French sparkling wine is great to celebrate with, or to bring as a gift.
  12. Beso De Vino Seleccion – This has been my go-to budget friendly wine for years. Read about even more budget friendly wines from the LCBO in my post, Girl on a Budget: Wines Under $10.



5 Spring Must-Haves for the Wine Lover

There’s something so exciting about the start of spring, especially for the wine lover. As nature begins to bloom, so does the wine life. From rosé picnics to patio sipping to winery visits, there are endless ways to enjoy wine in the spring. To ensure I’m really able to enjoy the spring wine season, there are some must-have items that I make sure to have ready for the first 10+ degree forecast. I love getting my spring must-haves gathered now, so I’m prepared to rosé all season!

Spring Wine.jpg

1. Bottle of Rosé

While rosé season is all year long for me, it’s particularly nice to sip on the pink drink in the spring. There’s always an increase in availability at wine shops and lots of new bottles to choose from. I’m especially loving the Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir Rosé for spring. This Chilean wine is bursting with bright flavours of strawberries, raspberries and cherries – plus how cute is the label?! I can just picture myself riding my bicicleta to the park to rosé all day.

Spring Picnic Basket.jpg

2. Picnic Basket

The best time to picnic is during the warm season of spring. I love spending a carefree weekend afternoon drinking wine and eating at the park with friends. And this is best done in style with a beautiful wicker picnic basket. I got my picnic basket several years ago at Homesense, but they always come out with new ones during the spring season. If you can’t find a picnic basket at Homesense, you can get similar ones to mine here, here and here.

Sping Glass.jpg

3. Wine Glass

A new season calls for a new glassware! There is nothing better to drink your rosé out of than a rose gold wine glass. I found these glasses at Urban Barn in several different colours, but loved the rose to match with all my other must-have items for spring. How impressed will your guests be when you serve wine on the patio with these!? It will be happy sipping this spring with Urban Barn’s rose gold stemware!

dress 2

4. Sundress

Spring is the best time to visit local wineries. The weather is beautiful and the large tour groups have not taken over yet. I find that winery hopping is done best in a great sundress – easy 1-piece outfit, versatile and looks cute! With a must-have sundress already in the closet, you’ll be instantly ready for a trip to wine country. I love this linen rose sundress from Winners, but you can find similar dresses here, here and here.

watch 6

5. Watch

How does a girl tell when it’s time to wine this spring? A new watch is a must-have for the wine lover! I’m already wearing my Jord Watch – with it’s natural walnut wood band and vintage rose face, it really embodies the feeling of a spring walk through a beautiful rose garden…to find a spot for a wine picnic of course! It will work perfectly with your new bottle of rosé, picnic basket, wine glass and sundress. Enter my Jord Watch Giveaway HERE to win one of your own! Yes way to all things rosé this spring.

Spring Wine 2.jpg

With these 5 spring must-have items, the wine lover is sure to have a fun-filled season. I have these items all ready to go! Can’t wait until my Jord Watch strikes wine o’clock and I’m off to the park in my sundress and rosé filled picnic basket. Happy spring!