Wine of the Week: JP Azeitão Syrah Rosé Bacalhoa

The JP Azeitão Syrah Rosé is hands down the BEST budget friendly rosé! I’ve loved this wine for years and am so happy it’s now almost always available at the LCBO. The JP Rosé comes for Portugal and is made with Syrah grapes. It’s a light-bodied dry wine with pretty flavours of red berries. And the best part? It’s amazing value at only $9.45 a bottle! Great taste and value make the JP Rosé perfect for parties and get togethers – it’s always a crowd pleaser! Enjoy the JP Rosé on it’s own (I often do!) or try pairing with foods like spring salads, roasted chicken and seafood linguini. Pick up a few bottle online or at your local LCBO store.



Wine of the Week: Malivoire Bisous Rosé

It’s officially summer time! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a bottle of local pink bubbles. I recently tried the Malivoire Bisous Rosé and it is so perfect for the summer season! Located on the Beamsville Bench in the Niagara Ontario Peninsula, Malivoire Vineyards is known for it’s sustainable and eco-centric approach to wine growing…as well as delicious Rosé wines. The Malivoire Bisous Rosé is a sparkling wine made in the traditional method from handpicked, estate-grown Pinot Noir grapes. It has big bright flavours of raspberry, strawberry and green apples. I enjoyed the Malivoire Bisous Rosé as an aperitif with sea salt chips and it was the perfect pairing! But it would also be really nice with fish tacos, chicken and veg skewers or creamy asparagus risotto. A very versatile wine for all your summer celebrations! You can purchase the Malivoire Bisous Rosé for $29.95 though the winery’s online shop. If you’d like to add on some additional Malivoire wines, I suggest the Vivant Rosé, Rosé Moira and Lady Bug. All the most perfectly pink wines for the summer season!

Malivoire Bisous Sparkling Rose Wine Ontario VQA


Wine of the Week: Alvento 2019 South Wind Rosé

I abruptly stopped in my tracks at the LCBO when I first laid eyes on this beautiful wine bottle. How gorgeous is this fantasy goddess label?! The Alvento 2019 South Wind Rosé is one of four wines part of the Ontario winery’s WIND series. Each wine in the WIND series features a Wind Goddess to represent the cardinal directions and natural expressions of the wines. The South Wind Rosé is a medium-bodied dry wine with lots of juicy flavours. This Rosé is bursting with ripe flavours of strawberry, raspberry and cherry. Enjoy the South Wind Rosé chilled with summer salads, barbeque chicken or pork tenderloin. You can find the Alvento 2019 South Wind Rosé at the LCBO for $19.95. Or visit the Alvento Winery online shop to purchase all four of the WIND series wines. I will be running with the wind to get more of the delicious South Wind Rosé!

Alvento Winery Ontario South Wind Rose Wine Review VQA


Wine of the Week: Spade & Sparrows Rosé

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s line of wine, Spade & Sparrows, is finally available in Ontario! Of course I had to try the Rosé first and it was definitely worth the wait! The Spade & Sparrows Rosé is an extra-dry light-bodied wine that is very easy drinking. Made from California grapes, this Rosé has bright flavours of strawberry, nectarine and rose petals. I also have to mention the beautiful rose gold label and prettiest pink colour of the wine! The Spade & Sparrows Rosé can be enjoyed all on it’s own, but will pair perfectly with sushi, summer salads or seafood linguini. If you want to try this Rosé (and I highly recommend that you do!), get it while you can! You can find the Spade and Sparrows Rosé at the LCBO for $22.95, but it’s only available at a select few locations. And the bottles they have is it for the year. So stock up and get ready to Rosé the days away with the beautiful Spade and Sparrows!

Kaitlyn Bristowe Wine Spade and Sparrows Rose Review


Wine of the Week: Wayne Gretzky Estates Rosé 2019

The Wayne Gretzky Estates Rosé is the perfect bottle of wine to end the summer with. It’s seriously like an Ontario August summer day in a glass! Lets start with the beautiful light coral colour that reminds me of those pink summer sunsets. On the nose you’ll smell everything that’s wonderful about Ontario in August – sweet peach, yellow apple and wild flowers. And then you’ll taste it with beautiful flavours of fresh raspberries, nectarine, field strawberries and currant. Could you bottle August in Ontario more perfectly?! Made from Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Gamay from Niagara Ontario, the Wayne Gretzky Estates Rosé is a dry, light-bodied and fruity wine. Purchase at the Wayne Gretzky Winery or online through The Wine Shop for $16.95. Drink in those last days of summer!

Wayne Gretzkey Estates Winery Rose 2019 Ontario wine review


Wine of the Week: Harwood North Beach Seahorse Rosé

North Beach Prince Edward County is truly a magical place! Turquoise waters, white sands and rolling green hills really make you feel like you’re on the ocean. It’s no wonder Harwood Estate Vineyards named their trio of Rosés after this beautiful beach. Their North Beach Seahorse Rosé is the wine of the week – a delightful Rosé made for summer days by the water! The Seahorse Rosé is fruity with a touch of sweetness, and balanced nicely with crisp acidity. You’ll taste juicy flavours of strawberry, peach and citrus. Enjoy the Seahorse Rosé with spicy dishes, barbequed meats or chilled all on it’s own. Harwood Estates Vineyard is actually located quite close to North Beach provincial park. If you’re in the County you can pick up a bottle at the winery for $17.95 and then head over to the North Beach to enjoy! The Harwood North Beach Seahorse Rosé can also be purchased through their online store. Cheers to magical summer days by the water!

Harwood Winery North Beach Rose Ontario Rose Review


Wine of the Week: Redtail Vineyards Gamay Rosé

I’ve got another Rosé for you this week! Because drinking pink does brighten these isolated days a bit. And this week’s wine could not be brighter! The Redtail Vineyards Gamay Rosé is a beautiful electric pink colour. It was just released by the winery a couple weeks ago and I could not wait to get my hands on a bottle! The electric pink opens up to big juicy flavours of candied watermelon, strawberry and cherry. It’s a dry style Rosé with lively acidity and clean finish. The winery suggests “serving it from a cooler packed with ice at your favourite secret beach” and I could not agree more! Enjoy the Redtail Gamay Rosé all spring/summer season on the balcony with barbeque dinners, pizza lunch or all by itself. You can find this wine on the Redtail Vineyards online shop on sale right now for $17.00. The winery is currently offering free Ontario shipping on $75+ purchases, or local pick-up and delivery options are available. Go ahead and brighten your day with some Gamay Rosé!


Redtail Vineyards Gamay Rose Ontario Wine Review


Wine of the Week: Karlo Estates Patio Reserve Rosé

A lot of us are craving warmer weather to get out on our balconies or patios. While those higher temps may not be here yet, we can all pretend with the Karlo Estates Patio Reserve Rosé! Pull up a chair to the window and enjoy a glass of this delicious patio sipper. Or, stock up now so you’re ready for that first nice day! The Karlo Estates Patio Reserve Rosé is a dry style wine made from Sémillon and Malbec grapes. It has lots of full red berry flavours with just a touch of sweetness. Super easy drinking! And that slight  sweetness allows this wine to pair perfectly with all of your favourite spicy foods. Enjoy the Patio Reserve Rosé with spicy foods like jerk chicken, curries or Cajun dishes. Get the Patio Reserve Rosé for $18.00 from the Karlo Estates online shop. The winery is offering free shipping in Ontario on 6+ bottle purchases. If you’re looking to add another wine to your order I’d recommend the Three Witches White ($20.00), Petite Pearl ($20.00) and the Lake on the Mountain Pinot Noir ($35.00).

Karlo Estates Patio Reserve Rose Ontario Wine


Why I’m Loving New Zealand Lighter Wines

Did you participate in dry January? I certainly did not lol! However, there are occasions or weeks that I do like to moderate my alcohol consumption. This can definitely be hard, because I LOVE wine! If you find yourself in the same dilemma as me, New Zealand lighter wines are your answer. Lower your alcohol consumption, but continue drinking delicious wine. That is why I’m loving New Zealand lighter wines!

New Zealand Lighter Alcohol Wines

In 2014 the New Zealand Wine Growers Association founded a research project focused on the natural production of lower alcohol wines. They perfected the new art of winemaking that produced full flavoured wines that are lighter in alcohol. All New Zealand lighter wines are less than 10% alcohol (a typical wine is between 11-15%). Through cool climate slow ripening wine making practices, wineries are able to produce high quality wines that do not compromise those full flavours that we all love in New Zealand wines!

The Peoples Sessions Sauvignon Blanc Lighter Alcohol WineNew Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Wine

I had opportunity to try four of the New Zealand lighter wines and they did not disappoint. I tasted the The Doctor’s Sauvignon Blanc, The Doctors’ Rosé, The Peoples Sessions Sauvignon Blanc and Giesen Pure Light Sauvignon Blanc. Each of these wines are available at the LCBO right now. You can also find some others like The Peoples Sessions Lighter Rosé, The Doctor’s Pinot Noir, and Stoneleigh Lighter Sauvignon Blanc. These wines are all under $20 so you don’t have to break the bank to drink healthier. And my favourite of those I’ve tried so far? The Giesen Pure Light Sauvignon Blanc, which is only $11.80!

Giesen Pure Light New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc WineNew Zealand Lighter in alcohol wines

Trying to drink less this year? Remain sharp during an event? Or just don’t want to be hungover?! New Zealand lighter wines are the perfect answer to lowering your alcohol intake without having to give up good wine. That’s a win-win if you ask me! Try a couple bottle and I have no doubt that you will be loving New Zealand lighter wines too!



Wine of the Week: Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé

The last week I’ve found myself really looking forward to spring. Fresh flowers, bright skies and pretty pastels….ah I can’t wait! While the weather may not be matching my sentiments, my beautiful friend Lola is giving me a taste of those springtime vibes. The Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé has the most elegant label, prettiest pink colour and sophisticated tastes. Made with Cabernet Franc grapes from the southernly Pelee Island, the Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé really reflects a springtime air. It’s a medium-bodied dry wine with crisp flavours and lovely balance. Take a sip of the  Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé and you’ll be transported to a warm spring day with it’s bright flavours of  field strawberries, wild flowers and fresh herbs. Perfect to pair with grilled shrimp, chicken souvlaki or salads. You can find the Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé in the LCBO VQA section for $15.95 or purchase directly through the winery’s online shop. Get a taste of spring with the lovely Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rosé!

Pelee Island Lola Cabernet Franc Rose Wine Review