Wine of the Week: Flat Rock Pinot Noir 2020

I randomly picked up the Flat Rock Pinot Noir 2020 on a weekend trip to the LCBO. I was looking for a Pinot Noir for my dinner that night and was immediately attracted to this bottle! The Flat Rock Pinot Noir comes from Flat Rock Cellars located on the Twenty Mile Bench in the Niagara Ontario region. The beautiful new labels are inspired by Flat Rock’s 80 acres of unique terroir. The designs are rock formations of limestone samples from their vineyards! The wine itself also speaks to the uniqueness of the Flat Rock soil. The Flat Rock Pinot Noir 2020 is a beautifully structured, complex and elegant red wine. It’s medium-bodied and on the bold side for a Pinot Noir with flavours of red berries and herbs. I paired this wine with a mushroom lasagna and it was perfection! It will also pair really nicely with rack of lamb, grilled salmon and roasted chicken. Perfect for all the upcoming spring holiday meals! You can find the Flat Rock Pinot Noir 2020 at the LCBO for $22.95, or through the winery’s online shop.



Wine of the Week: JP Azeitão Syrah Rosé Bacalhoa

The JP Azeitão Syrah Rosé is hands down the BEST budget friendly rosé! I’ve loved this wine for years and am so happy it’s now almost always available at the LCBO. The JP Rosé comes for Portugal and is made with Syrah grapes. It’s a light-bodied dry wine with pretty flavours of red berries. And the best part? It’s amazing value at only $9.45 a bottle! Great taste and value make the JP Rosé perfect for parties and get togethers – it’s always a crowd pleaser! Enjoy the JP Rosé on it’s own (I often do!) or try pairing with foods like spring salads, roasted chicken and seafood linguini. Pick up a few bottle online or at your local LCBO store.


Wine of the Week: Alvento 2019 South Wind Rosé

I abruptly stopped in my tracks at the LCBO when I first laid eyes on this beautiful wine bottle. How gorgeous is this fantasy goddess label?! The Alvento 2019 South Wind Rosé is one of four wines part of the Ontario winery’s WIND series. Each wine in the WIND series features a Wind Goddess to represent the cardinal directions and natural expressions of the wines. The South Wind Rosé is a medium-bodied dry wine with lots of juicy flavours. This Rosé is bursting with ripe flavours of strawberry, raspberry and cherry. Enjoy the South Wind Rosé chilled with summer salads, barbeque chicken or pork tenderloin. You can find the Alvento 2019 South Wind Rosé at the LCBO for $19.95. Or visit the Alvento Winery online shop to purchase all four of the WIND series wines. I will be running with the wind to get more of the delicious South Wind Rosé!

Alvento Winery Ontario South Wind Rose Wine Review VQA


Wine of the Week: Spade & Sparrows Rosé

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s line of wine, Spade & Sparrows, is finally available in Ontario! Of course I had to try the Rosé first and it was definitely worth the wait! The Spade & Sparrows Rosé is an extra-dry light-bodied wine that is very easy drinking. Made from California grapes, this Rosé has bright flavours of strawberry, nectarine and rose petals. I also have to mention the beautiful rose gold label and prettiest pink colour of the wine! The Spade & Sparrows Rosé can be enjoyed all on it’s own, but will pair perfectly with sushi, summer salads or seafood linguini. If you want to try this Rosé (and I highly recommend that you do!), get it while you can! You can find the Spade and Sparrows Rosé at the LCBO for $22.95, but it’s only available at a select few locations. And the bottles they have is it for the year. So stock up and get ready to Rosé the days away with the beautiful Spade and Sparrows!

Kaitlyn Bristowe Wine Spade and Sparrows Rose Review


Wine of the Week: Pixie Petite Rosé Spritzer

The new Rosehall Run Pixie Petite Rosé Spritzer is the best wine from I can I’ve tasted. I’m obsessed! This isn’t too surprising since the Pixie Petite Rosé Spritzer is made from Rosehall Run’s popular pink bubbly, Pixie, a Vidal and Pinot Noir blend. Pop open a can of the Pixie Petite and you’ll taste a wine bursting with flavours of strawberry, peach and citrus with a pretty petite fizziness. Because the Pixie Petite is a spritzer there are some lovely added bonuses – only 150 calories, 7 grams of sugar and 5.5% alcohol. Absolutely perfect for beach days, outdoor adventures or hanging out in the backyard. And trust me when I tell you that the Pixie Petite should be paired with your favourite snack foods. I’ve been loving it alongside a big bowl of sea salt chips! You can find the Rosehall Run Pixie Petite Rosé Spritzer at the winery online shop and the LCBO for $3.95. An excellent price point for a premium wine spritzer locally grown and crafted in Prince Edward County, Ontario!


Wine of the Week: Lamarca Prosecco

As Ontario enters into it’s third lockdown, I find it more important than ever to celebrate the everyday small things. And a little bubbly is the perfect way to do that! I am really loving the La Marca Prosecco right now. It’s fun bubbles, beautiful blue label and great price point make the La Marca Prosecco perfect for springtime sipping. Made from the Glera grape in the Prosecco region on Italy, the La Marca Prosecco has bright fruity and floral flavours. You’ll taste big bubbles of green apple, Bartlett pear and ripe peach. I think the La Marca Prosecco pairs perfectly with spring brunch but would also be a nice accompaniment to seafood, sushi and light cheeses. Or, all by itself on a Tuesday night! You can find the La Marca Prosecco at the LCBO for $17.70.

La Marca Prosecco DOC Sparkling Wine Bubbly Italian


Pop the Prosecco! Prosecco’s You Need to Try Now

It’s time to pop the Prosecco! There are so many new Proseccos to try right now, including the long awaited Prosecco DOC Rosé. But first, what is Prosecco? Prosecco DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin) is a sparkling wine from the Prosecco region of North East Italy. It’s only Prosecco if it comes from Prosecco! The primarily used white Glera grape gives Prosecco it’s fresh, light and bright characteristics. Prosecco’s lively bubbles burst with fun fruity and floral flavours. These characteristics allow Prosecco to pair well with a variety of foods and occasions. I personally enjoy Prosecco best with brunch! So let’s get to popping the Prosecco with these delicious wines.

You can find the following 5 wines at the LCBO.

La Marca Prosecco DOC Extra Brut

Tenuta Sant’Anna Prosecco DOC Extra-Dry

Mionetto Prosecco DOC Treviso

Bottega Prosecco DOC Brut Gold

L’Arco Prosecco Brut DOC Lux Millesimato

You can find the following 3 wines through private order.

Villa Sandi Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut Millesimato

San Simone Prosecco DOC Perlae Rosé Brut

Tenuta Santome Rosé Brut Millesimato

Prosecco DOC Italian Sparkling Wine Review Try now


Wine of the Week: 2019 Inniskillin Niagara Estates Series Pinot Noir

I love drinking Pinot Noir in the early spring. Rainy days, the smell of wet earth and nature beginning to blossom match so well with a glass of Pinot Noir. The 2019 Inniskillin Niagara Estate Series Pinot Noir is one of my favourite spring sippers. This Ontario VQA wine is medium-bodied and dry with flavours of earthiness, black cherry and a hint of spice. The Inniskillin Pinot Noir pairs really well with mushroom dishes, roasted vegetables and cheeseboards. You can find the Inniskillin Pinot Noir at the winery online shop, the LCBO and the Wine Rack for a great value price of $15.95. It’s currently on sale at the Wine Rack for only $14.95. The Inniskillin Pinot Noir is the perfect wine to welcome in the start of spring this weekend!

2019 Niagara Estate Series Inniskillin Pinot Noir Review VQA Ontario Wine


Wine of the Week: Era Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC Organic

The Era Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC Organic is one of my favourite budget friendly red wines. This Italian red wine is priced low, tastes great, pairs well with a variety of foods and is organic – a really good value wine! The Era Montepulciano is medium-bodied and dry with flavours of plum, cherry and herb. I love pairing the Era Montepulciano with beef Bolognese but it will also pair perfectly with stuffed peppers, pizza and eggplant lasagna. You can find the Era Montepulciano at the LCBO for only $9.95. As it is mine, the Era Montepulciano is likely to become your new go-to budget friendly Italian red wine!

Era Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC Organic Italian Red Wine


Wine of the Week: 2019 Cave Spring Rosé

The 2019 Cave Spring Rosé has been released and it is looking better than ever! But it’s not just it’s looks that have changed, the 2019 Cave Spring Rosé has an all new taste that is much different than previous years. The pretty new bottle is filled with light pink Rosé made from VQA Niagara Cabernet Franc, Pinot Gris and Riesling grapes. The 2019 Cave Spring Rosé is extra dry and medium-bodied with crisp flavours of grapefruit, cherry and lemon. It’s very lively acidity make it great for pairing with light fare like turkey lettuce wraps, salads and white pizza. You can find this pretty pink wine at the LCBO or winery shop for $14.95.