Wine of the Week: Redtail 2020 Gamay Rosé

I am so excited for the Redtail 2020 Gamay Rosé! The 2019 Rosé was my favourite pink drink last year. As was it many others, because it sold out in record speed! The Redtail 2020 Gamay Rosé is just as delicious as last years vintage. This Ontario Rosé has big juicy flavours of strawberry, watermelon and maraschino cherry. Pair the Redtail 2020 Gamay Rosé with chicken tacos, shrimp vermicelli and spicy curry dishes. Or, as the winery suggests, enjoy this wine chilled at your favourite beach! Order the Gamay Rosé through the Redtail online wine shop for $17. And order now before it sells out again!

Redtail Vineyards 2020 Gamay Rosé Ontario VQA Wine Review



Wine of the Week: Sugarbush Gamay

I am always on the hunt for food friendly red wines. Especially in these days of isolation – I don’t want to open a bottle for it to only pair well with one dinner that week. Light bodied reds tend to be the most versatile and the Sugarbush Vineyards Gamay is no exception! As the weather (hopefully) starts to warm up here in Ontario, it’s also a great red to serve slightly chilled.  The Sugarbush Gamay is light-bodied with bright flavours of raspberry, cranberry and cherry. It’s lively acidity makes this Gamay perfect for food pairing. Enjoy with a wide range of foods from pizza and pasta, to barbequed meats and vegetables, to sandwiches and charcuterie. Very versatile! You can find the Sugarbush Gamay at the LCBO for $19.00. Sugarbush Vineyards is also offering curbside pickup and local delivery – check out their Instagram account for up date delivery information.

Sugarbush Gamay Ontario Local Red Wine


Wine of the Week: Angels Gate Gamay Noir

Do you love light-bodied red wine? If you answered yes, then you must try Gamay Noir! Often over-shadowed by it’s cousin Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir is a beautiful wine offering flowery, fruity and earthy notes. It has high acidity and low tannins, which make it a very easy wine to pair foods. Gamay Noir is grown primarily in Beaujolais France but cool climate wine regions, like Canada, are producing some delicious Gamay wines. One of my favourites is the Angel’s Gate Gamay Noir from Ontario Canada. Sitting at the foothills of the Niagara Escarpment in the Beamsville Bench, Angel’s Gate Winery produces beautiful wines that are delicate, well balanced and structured. And their Gamay Noir is no exception! The Angel’s Gate Gamay Noir has lovely red berry flavours with a hint of light floral and smoky finish. Pair this wine with a wide variety of foods like grilled meats and roasts; vegetarian dishes; and cheese and charcuterie plates. You can find the Angel’s Gate Gamay Noir in the VQA Ontario section of the LCBO for only $14.95 – great value! If you’re not in Ontario, the Angel’s Gate Gamay Noir can also be purchased through the wineries online store. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend saying yes way to Gamay!

Angels Gate Gamay Noir Ontario Wine Review