Wine of the Week: Foreign Affair Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2020

The Foreign Affair Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2020 is the perfect summer food wine. It pairs so well with a wide variety of foods from your lighter summer fare to your big barbeque dinners. Forget red wine with your steak this summer, it’s all about the big bold Rosé! The Foreign Affair Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé is a full-bodied dry wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with a small amount (12%) of Appassimento Sauvignon Blanc grapes blended in. The result is a big juicy Rosé with bright flavours of strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and cherries. Enjoy the Foreign Affair Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé with your favourite barbequed meats like steak, brisket and burgers. It will also pair well with lighter foods like seafood, salads and cheese and charcuterie. The Foreign Affair Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé is exclusively available online through the winery for $21.95. If you’re interested in this delicious Rosé make sure to purchase your bottles now, because there are only 154 cases available of this small lot wine!

The Foreign Affair Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Rose Wine Ontario VQA



Wine of the Week: Pelee Island LOLA Nero

It’s always exciting when Lola gets a new friend, especially when it’s fun and bubbly! The new Pelee Island Lola Nero is a sparkling red wine that I think everyone is going to LOVE! The Lola Nero is a beautiful garnet colour with the prettiest frothy bubbles. And it has all the great flavours of a red wine. You’ll taste raspberry, blackberry, redcurrant, cherry, violet and plum – yum! For pairing, the Lola Nero will fit in with any crowd. I’d serve this bubbly as a welcome drink or aperitif; with cheese and charcuterie appetizers; pork and grilled vegetable mains; or chocolate raspberry desserts. The Lola Nero is now available through the Pelee Island online shop for $15.95. Trust me, the Pelee Island Lola Nero is soon to be your new best friend!

Pelee Island Lola Nero Sparkling Red Wine Ontario Review


Friday Favourites: Everything Rosé

I haven’t done a Friday Favourites in awhile, so I thought I’d start back with one of my favourite things…Rosé! From how to rosé all day to drinking pink on a budget, I have you covered for everything rosé in this Friday Favourites.

How to Rosé all Day

Sure, it sounds simple to Rosé all Day, so why would you need a ‘how to’? Well, not only do I typically want to pass out by 3pm, but it can also cost a lot of money and get boring drinking the same. thing. all. day. But not to worry, just follow my 6 steps on how to successfully Rosé all Day!

Rosé on a Budget

Speaking of Rosé‘ing all day…it can cost quite a bit of money! Thankfully, there are some budget friendly (and good) rosés available for those on a budget. These bottles are all under $11 and will definitely have you Rosé’ing all day! And if you want to make it a little more sparkly, visit this link for budget friendly sparkling rosés.

Rosé Cider

I’m not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed to learn that Rosé cider doesn’t actually have Rosé wine in it (the pink colour is from red apple skins, the same way Rosé wine pink colour is from red grape skins). But after tasting a bunch of Rosé ciders, I realized I’m still drinking pink and they’re delicious!

Rosé Sorbet

Step aside Frosé…it’s time for Rosé Sorbet! Seriously though, this frozen Rosé dessert is just has refreshing and delicious as Frosé. It’s also so much easier to make! Visit the link for my super easy Rosé Sorbet recipe. You will not be disappointed! AND, it always wins over a crowd!

Rosés for Fall

Everyone is trying to hang on to the last of summer…but I can’t help but count down the days to autumn! And while Rosé is often considered a summer wine, I’ve made the case before and I’ll make it again, Rosé is for all seasons! Like with all wines, there are types suited to certain season, and you can find my favourite fall Rosés here.


Friday Favourites: Easter Prep

This week’s Friday Favourites are all about Easter preparation. I love getting inspired by the Easter holiday with it’s pretty pastel colours, lighter wines and festive cocktails. And with only 7 days until the weekend long celebration, I need all the inspo I can get. Hoppy Easter planning!

How to Master Your Easter Tablescape in 5 Easy Steps!

Jillian’s pretty pastel tablescape is giving me all the Easter inspiration!

The Best Wines to Serve on Easter

If you’re like me and always in charge of the wine, this list provides some great guidance on how to pair popular Easter dishes with the right wines.

32 Recipes to Make for Easter Brunch

My family doesn’t do an Easter brunch but this list is making me think that we should!

Get Yourself These Grown-Up Easter Gifts

I still love receiving and giving Easter gifts, and the Glitter Guide has some great adult gifting ideas.

Carrot Cocktails for the Easter Bunny

Replace your Easter brunch mimosa or Caesar with this easy and delicious carrot cocktail.

LOLA Wine Package

This LOLA wine package is the easiest way to prep your wine for Easter weekend! And get $3 off using my discount code LOLAGDW.



Wine to Pair with Soup

We are in mid-winter here in Ontario, so soup is on the menu! And there’s nothing better on a cold night than a warm bowl of soup and large glass of wine. But pairing soup and wine can be tricky – there are a lot of different elements at play. So, I’ve rounded up some popular winter soups and matched them with what I think are good wine pairings. Cozy up this weekend with a big bowl of soup and wine.

Chicken Noodle Soup – Pinot Noir or Viognier

Beef Stew – Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon

Cream of Mushroom – Chardonnay or Pinot Noir

Tomato – Chianti or Sauvignon Blanc

Chili – Malbec or Carmenere

Pho – Sparkling Rosé

Butternut Squash – Gewurztraminer or Riesling

Seafood Bisques – Sauvignon Blanc

wine and soup pairings


Halloween Cheese Board

As you probably know by now, I love a good cheese board! And I’ll take any excuse to switch up the theme. Halloween being one of the best cheeseboard themes, I thought I would share my favourite items to include. I try to pick foods that have a purple colour to give the board a dark witchy vibe.

Halloween Cheeseboard


There are so many great Halloweeny cheeses to choose from! For this board I included a cranberry goat cheese, port wine cheddar and black rock blue cheese. That rock looking item you see in the corner of the board is actually a really nice creamy blue cheese inside the rind.


Meats are pretty simple, as most have purple-like colour to them. I added genoa salami, Hungarian salami and my favourite port wine salami from Irresistibles at Metro. If you haven’t tried this port wine salami yet, I highly recommend picking one up!


This time of year, there a lots of purple fruits in season to choose from like plums, figs or concord grapes. But this year, I discovered a grape I have never heard of before called Moon Drops. They taste like a regular purple grape but because of their finger like shape, Moon Drops are also known as Witch Fingers. Can’t get more perfect than that!


My favourite type of olive is Castelvetrano, which are large green olives with a mild taste a buttery texture. I was happy to see that there was a purple version available at the market and picked these to include on the Halloween cheese board.


During the fall I really don’t eat any other cracker but pumpkin seed crackers. Most major grocery stores will carry different specialty cracker brands that make a version of a pumpkin seed cracker. The ones on this board are by the Metro’s Irresistible brand and include cranberry’s which added the extra touch of purple to carry through the theme.