I am a girl who drinks wine.

Whether I am trying new restaurants, traveling unfamiliar countries or hosting guests, I always have a glass of wine close at hand. Through food I am able to test the waters of pairings; from a chocolate dessert with a sweet red to the perfect chicken dish for that bottle of Pinot Gris. Through travel I have been introduced to a wide and inspiring selection of wine, as well as different traditions, like Spanish tapas and Croatian bottling under the sea. After exploring all that cuisine and culture, the best part awaits . . . sharing everything I’ve discovered with family and friends! In hosting a festive party or planning an off-the-cusp casual spread, all of my passion for wine is best poured into a pleasurable gathering with those I love most.

Having acknowledged my desire to share this passion, I have created Girl Drinks Wine. I hope this blog will broaden the platform in which I can share my wine and hosting tips, and inspire others to explore the world of wine alongside me. I hope to introduce you to your new favourite bottle, broaden your hosting tricks with themes and décor and remind you to share a glass with someone who appreciates a good Riesling just as much as you!

Whether you end up sipping a glass of red on your next flight, trying a fresh pairing at one of your cities restaurants or simply delving into a new bottle at home, I say “Cheers!” and thank you for supporting Girl Drinks Wine.

Happy sipping!