Wine of the Week: Lily Sparking Rosé by Colio Winery

The Lily Sparking Rosé by Colio Estate Wines has long been one of my favourite Ontario bubblies. Lily is absolutely the perfect wine for holidays, celebrations and special occasions. Even if that special occasion is you, a box of cookies and a rom-com! The Lily Sparking Rosé is a VQA Ontario wine made by Colio Estate Winery located near the sunny shores of Lake Erie. It’s made using the Charmat method from a blend of Riesling and Cabernet Franc grapes. Before even tasting Lily, you can’t help but fall in love with the beautiful bottle – and the wine tastes just as pretty! The Lily Sparking Rosé flavour is best described as taking a bite out of a freshly made strawberry shortcake. But don’t let this pretty palate fool you, the Lily Sparking Rosé is a dry wine that can pair nicely with savoury as well as sweeter dishes. Try pairing Lily with spinach and goat cheese salad, a savoury crepe or big bowl of french fries. I personally love to enjoy this wine with brunches of french toast, pancakes or waffles topped with fresh berries and maple syrup. Or paired with an assortment of my favourite cupcakes! You can find the Lily Sparking Rosé for $17.95 online through the Colio shop and at select LCBO, Metro and Loblaw locations.