Wine of the Week: Sandbanks Rosé

I have been drinking the Sandbanks Rosé all summer like it’s water! The wine of the week, the Sandbanks Rosé, has been more like my wine of the summer. It really encapsulates the summer season to me – easy going, laid back and fun. The Sandbanks Rosé is dry with just a touch a sweetness that is balanced out nicely with a fresh acidity. You’ll taste rich flavours of tangerine, raspberry and pink grapefruit.  So refreshing! I’ve found that the Sandbanks Rosé pairs well with a variety of foods like summer salads, chicken kebobs and fish dishes. And if you find yourself drinking it all the time like me, it’s not going to break the bank at only $13.95 a bottle at the LCBO or winery store. Rosé the rest of the season with my summer water, the Sandbanks Rosé!

Sandbanks Rose