Wine of the Week: Ironstone Zinfandel

It’s officially barbeque season! Most people go for cabernet sauvignon with barbequed meats, but why not try something different? With my barbeques, I always love having my favourite California red – Zinfandel. And one of the BEST is the Ironstone Zinfandel! From Lodi California, the self-proclaimed “Zin” capital of the word, the Ironstone Zinfandel is full-bodied and smooth. You’ll taste concentrated flavours of blackberry, raspberry and plum with a hint a pepper. I love this wine on it’s own, but pair the Ironstone Zinfandel with your barbequed pork or beef for a delicious combination. You can find the Ironstone Zinfandel at the LCBO for $17.95. Switch it up this year and enjoy your barbeque season with California Zin!

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