Girl on a Budget: Red Wines Under $11

Are you a girl on a budget? I certainly find myself on a budget in September after a summer of spending! I also find myself craving red wine in September as the weather starts to get cooler. But those lovely French pinot noirs, big California cabs and juicy Australian shiraz’s can be expensive. While those wines are a nice treat for a girl on a budget, that weekly wine needs a smaller price tag! I’ve got you covered with my favourite red wines under $11.

Beso de Vino $11

I was introduced to Beso de Vino by a friend several years ago and it’s been my constant go-to wine since then. This red blend from Spain is medium-bodied and dry with luscious dark fruit flavours and a hint of spice and licorice. I have yet to meet someone who does not enjoy a glass of the Beso de Vino. 

Doppio Passo $10.45

For those fruit forward red wine lovers, the Doppio Passo is for you! The Doppio Passo is a Primitivo (think red Zinfandel) from Italy. This wine is made by adding a second batch of dried-like grapes which give the wine intense, sweet and velvety flavours of cherry and raspberry. It’s hard not to enjoy this easy drinking wine!

La Belle Angele Merlot $9.70

I have always loved the art deco vintage labels of all the La Belle wines. But the labels are not just pretty, the wine is good too! The La Belle Angele Merlot is a medium-bodied dry wine with smooth round flavours of red berries and plum. Another great value wine, especially with it’s sale price of $7.30 right now at the LCBO!

Julia Florista $9.00

I discovered the Julia Florista red wine earlier in the year and have been buying it non-stop since. Even my strict California cab partner admitted to liking this wine! The Julia Florista is a red blend from Portugal with a full-body and smooth fresh flavours of red berries. This is a really great value wine.

Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon $10.00

I had this wine for the first time at my mom’s house, who told me that it’s the only red wine her friend will drink. I can see why. The Misterio cabernet sauvignon is an easy-drinking red wine with a full-body and silky flavours of ripe fruits. I don’t advise limiting yourself to only drinking the Misterio, but definitely give it a try!